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Comprehensive Health Evaluation

Get ready to maximize your health potential. Cenegenics Carolinas shows you how.

Youthful aging begins with a Comprehensive Health Evaluation. More than an overview of your health, the Comprehensive Health Evaluation exposes what’s happening inside your body.

This extremely thorough set of diagnostics establishes your personal hormonal, metabolic and physical baseline.

Your personal Cenegenics Carolinas team-—certified age-management physician and nutrition/exercise counselor—relies on this evidenced-based medical data to create your customized program. Getting real results begins with taking the mystery out of your body. Find out why your metabolism continues to slow and weight management is difficult. Find out what areas your body is deficient in and why it may be connected to fatigue, stress, reduced sex drive, trouble focusing, abdominal weight gain, and more.

The evidence-based data compiled includes:

  • Comprehensive lab analysis including hormones, nutritional markers, disease risk markers and more
  • Gold standard body composition evaluation to measure muscle mass, body fat, bone density and more
  • Individualized fitness assessment including a heart rate and lung capacity test (VO2 Max), as well as a test to measure body strength and alignment
  • A non-invasive ultrasound to measure intima-media thickness (IMT) to search for arterial plaques that can signal elevated heart disease and stroke risk
  • Neurological assessment to measure cognitive function
  • 6-hour consultation that includes 2 hours with a certified age management expert physician and 2 hours with exercise physiologist and nutritionist
"The Comprehensive Health Evaluation empowers people with information and access to make the right choices for their individual, optimal health. The underlying issue isn’t just taking medication to treat disease. The real focus should be lifestyle changes. Most Americans know they need to lose weight, exercise, eat better and quit smoking. The problem is they don’t understand how to make that happen. Cenegenic's programs are designed to empower people to make change," Says Dr. Mickey Barber.

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