Promises, Promises: Why We Don’t Use “Anti-Aging” in Our Practice

May 5, 2011 at 5:08 pm


There are a lot of products and services out there marketing themselves as “anti-aging”—from skin care to diet plans to supplements. They’re on TV and all over the Internet: “Facelift without surgery!” “Stop aging now!” (And so on…). As an age management physician, I am frequently asked why I don’t use the term “anti-aging” in my practice. There’s actually a pretty simple answer: It’s impossible NOT to age. There is no proven medical technology that allows this goal to be accomplished in humans.

We all age—all the plastic surgery and vitamins and diets in the world can’t stop the aging process. What these products are actually offering is to sell you something that may (or may not) make you look younger. But they don’t address the central issue of overall health!

We really are outliving our chemistry. Evolution hasn’t caught up with us yet. Our hormones decrease. We don’t absorb nutrients as readily as we once did. All of these things can cause a lack of energy, decreased sex drive, general fatigue, and a higher risk of disease.

In other words, aging is not a disease. What we all fear are the diseases of getting old: Dementia, osteoporosis, fatigue, heart disease and stroke. What we focus on at Cenegenics Carolinas is optimizing our health span, not necessarily our lifespan, by assessing each patient’s needs through proven scientific testing and developing individualized, multi-tiered plans that involve nutrition, fitness, hormones, and supplements—along with ongoing and consistent monitoring.

Age management is preventative medicine and designed to lower risk for diseases such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, and cancer, as well as risk indicators such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, elevated blood glucose, vitamin deficiencies, and hormone deficiencies. We’ll never promise to stop the clock—but we will promise that you’ll improve the quality of every minute of every day.

Our patients say it better than we can: Visit our “patient successes” page on our web site to hear it from them. And for more information on our age management program, call us at 843-577-8484 or register on our web site!

Cenegenics Carolinas is a first class medical institute based in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, that helps patients manage the aging process through a personalized plan of fitness, nutraceutical supplementation, a low glycemic diet and bioidentical hormone optimization.

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