Stepping Up, Continued: Hitting the Streets

May 18, 2011 at 6:23 pm


When you get home from a long day of work, running errands, etc., are you tempted to grab a glass or wine, chips or something sweet? Hit the streets! Literally, get outside and walk, ride your bike, hit some golf balls. Put off fixing dinner by 45 minutes and burn some calories instead of ingesting them. I did that last night and enjoyed a beautiful evening during a 30 minute walk and returned home feeling refreshed. I find that time is great for clearing my head and making a mental list for the next day.

Dinner last night: Saute 1 lb. chicken breast cut in chunks in 2 T canola oil with 1 T of minced garlic, ½ tsp. basil, 2 T pine nuts, 1 T white wine, and a head of broccoli until chicken is cooked and broccoli tender. Add salt and white pepper to taste. Pour over small amount quinoa (low glycemic) pasta that has been lightly tossed in extra virgin olive oil and fresh parmesan cheese. It makes a great meal for the family with plenty of protein, omega 3 fats, and a serving of vegetables and low glycemic carbohydrates, which take a long time for your body to process and keep your blood sugar from fluctuating—thereby cutting nighttime cravings for sweets.

I’d love to know what YOU’RE doing this summer to step up your healthy eating and fitness program. Do you have a favorite “easy dinner” recipe? Tricks for de-stressing after your workday and getting in some exercise? Tips for combating those evening cravings? Share it with us in the comments here or on Facebook!

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