Fitness and Nutrition Tracking Program Helps Patients Succeed: New Features Released for Cenegenics Living Online

August 11, 2011 at 2:57 pm


New features were released last week to Cenegenics Living Online (CLO), an online fitness/nutrition tracking program that will further bolster a patient’s success with healthy aging goals and allow for even more interconnectivity with their age-management team. CLO’s enhanced version delivers more options, is more visually appealing and poised for its third expansion—a polar watch integration and a mobile app—being launched shortly.

Since its inception two years ago, CLO has been a virtual window where Cenegenics patients can interact with their age-management nutrition/exercise counselor on a regular basis. Patients spend less than 10 minutes a day logging their fitness/nutritional activities, allowing the Cenegenics team to identify red flags, give up-to-the-minute recommendations and help reinforce positive behaviors.

“Our previous version was good, but this newer one is even better, redesigned and enhanced based on patient feedback. We already know from Stanford studies and others that when it comes to an accountability program—whether it’s texting, emailing or having to log on—a patient’s results are much better for weight loss and better body composition. We’re happy this particular generation of the program is going live today, but we’re by no means finished with the enhancements,” Michale J. Barber, MD said.

Dr. Mickey Barber is the CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Cenegenics Carolinas. She has been the physician lead working on the program developments with Rudy Inaba, Cenegenics Director of Nutrition and Exercise.

“The collaboration and feedback from all of our Cenegenics counselors has been a tremendous help in fine tuning this latest CLO version. We now have a visual tool to follow macronutrient intake and a function for patients to add foods not found in the library. Plus we’ve greatly expanded the exercise video library—each video was filmed in studio with professional fitness models—to help patients learn technique. CLO also presents a rotating tip of the day, featured exercise and recipe. With that, we also improved core functions, such as the daily diary interaction with a Cenegenics nutrition/exercise counselor, recipe ideas, grocery list and text reminders sent to patients about supplements they need to take,” Inaba said.

The upcoming polar watch integration will allow patients to sync with CLO and program their ideal heart rate based on the patient’s VO2 max assessment. For continued connectivity and convenience, Cenegenics is also prepping to launch a mobile app for its CLO program.

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Cenegenics Carolinas is a first class medical institute based in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, that helps patients manage the aging process through a personalized plan of fitness, nutraceutical supplementation, a low glycemic diet and bioidentical hormone optimization. Read more about Cenegenics Carolinas Men’s Health and Women’s Health programs.

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