Cenegenics Medical Library: Useful Reference for Patients

January 3, 2012 at 9:28 pm


Are you wondering where to find scholarly sources for medical journals? Try using the revitalized Cenegenics Medical Library! There’s no other library like it. It’s dedicated solely to our medical specialty . . . and now houses over 1,000 research articles related to preventing age-related disease.

This is a very useful reference for anyone looking to do research on age-related medical conditions.

Dr. Mickey Barber, CEO/CMO of Cenegenics Carolinas, has played a major role in revitalizing the library. Check it out here: www.cenegenicsfoundation.org/library/index.php .

Topics include Stem Cell Therapy, Bioidentical Hormones, Growth Hormone, Testosterone replacement, Bone Mineral Density, vitamins and supplements, fruit and vegetable consumption, aerobic exercise, etc. Articles can be searched by topic or by utilizing advanced search tools by relevance, author, title, abstract, or citation. Also, articles can be submitted for review. We welcome you to utilize this educational tool available to you.

If you have any questions, call Dr. Miles at (843) 577-8484.

Cenegenics Medical Library

Happy Hunting!

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