Get Beach Body Ready!

April 5, 2012 at 2:32 pm


It’s that time of year again!  Whether we like it or not, our summer vacations are right around the corner. Wondering how you can get your body ready for the beach?  Here are a few keys to obtaining the body you want this summer.

Dietary changes

  • Eliminate grains (i.e. bread, pasta, rice, cereal)
  • Eliminate starchy carbohydrates (potatoes and corn)
  • Eliminate or minimize alcohol
  • Eliminate foods to which you may have potential or known food allergies.  Many of us do not even know we have a food allergy.  It is so easy to drop pounds if you know which foods are toxic to your body.  We now offer a Food Allergy Test, which tests for 93 foods and candida albicans and helps explain those chronic symptoms, like gas, bloating, migraines, fatigue, IBS, depression and more!
  • After your workout, eat a meal with quality protein within 30 minutes
  • Plan meals and eat smaller, more frequent meals

Exercise changes

  • Exercise early in the morning in a fasting state to capitalize on low insulin levels and higher growth hormone levels
  • Focus workouts on high intensity interval training to reach maximum heart rates 3 days per week
    • Example 1: Tabata Protocol
      • Warm up
      • 8 intervals of 20 seconds all out intensity with 10 seconds rest in between
      • Cool down
      • Example 2: Max heart rate intervals
        • Warm up
        • Increase intensity to achieve max heart rate
        • Slightly decrease intensity for 60-90 seconds
        • Attack to achieve max heart rate 3 or 4 consecutive times
        • Cool down

This will keep your calorie burning metabolism going for several hours.

See you at the beach and remember your sunscreen!

-Brian Miles, MD

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