Cenegenics Carolinas Olympics

August 2, 2012 at 2:01 pm


In spirit of the Summer 2012 Olympics, Cenegenics Carolinas is engaging in a friendly competition between the staff. Our two amazing exercise specialists, Katrina Hall and Riley Phelps, are leading the two teams throughout their 90 day journey to becoming a healthier, leaner staff.

‘Team Katrina’ consists of Dr. Brian Miles, Brittany Skinner, Matt Mill, and Tiffany Jackson. On the other team, ‘Team Riley’ is made up of Dr. Mickey Barber, Amanda Peterson, Carrie Crosby, and Katie Griggs.
Each team member will be judged off of their improvements in aerobic capacity based on their VO2 max scores.  We will engage in the same type of testing that our patients participate in during their Executive Health Evaluation. We hope that by engaging ourselves in this competition, we can inspire our patients to push their hardest to achieve their own personal goals.


Make sure to let us know who you think will take the gold!

You can vote on our Facebook page today!

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