Could Vitamin B-12 Injections Be Right for Me?

September 10, 2012 at 4:13 pm


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Vitamin B-12 is an essential vitamin in many biological processes including blood cell production, neurotransmitters, nervous system health, bone mineral formation, anti-oxidation, and energy production. It is necessary for normal enzyme function in numerous metabolic pathways. In the past, vitamin B-12 injections were given more routinely in doctor’s offices. Eventually, the insurance payers would only cover the cost of the injections if the patient had a documented diagnosis of Pernicious Anemia, a condition in which specialized cells in the stomach do not produce intrinsic factor which is necessary for the oral absorption of B-12.

In recent years, we are seeing that maintaining vitamin levels just above the level to prevent a deficiency may not be the “optimal” levels for health. Subtle signs of “suboptimal vitamin B-12 levels can include sluggishness, declining cognitive function, fatigue, poor recovery from exercise, mood disorders and vague nerve symptoms such as tingling and numbness. We have seen an increase in gastrointestinal problems in our society leading to poor absorption and diets, which are significantly deficient in nutrients. This leads to suboptimal levels of vitamin B-12 and other vitamins. Patients have experienced many benefits of vitamin B-12 injections in the past beyond just treating pernicious anemia. Vitamin B-12 injections may be right for you and are safe and effective.

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