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Welcome to Cenegenics - Charleston Age Management

Cenegenics Carolinas is a top shelf Charleston age management medical institute based in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina that helps patients manage the aging process through a personalized plan of fitness, nutraceutical supplementation, a low glycemic diet and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Ready for your personalized age management program?  Come and see us today!

At Cenegenics Carolinas – our goal is to improve your quality of life through our proven Charleston age management solutions. We allow you to feel years younger than your age and help you stave off age-related disease. Our patients report increased energy and focus, an improved sex drive and a renewed zest for life. Our tested and proven Charleston age management program ensures these very things happen with each of our clients.

View Dr. Barber's program overview video to learn more about healthy aging and our age management in Charleston at Cenegenics Carolinas.

Charleston Age Management - Feel Young Again

Since we all age, turning back the hands of time is a medical impossibility. Ultimately, Age Management Medicine is pro-aging. Cenegenics Carolinas recognizes that we all age, we just want you to do it WELL. How do you do that? Call us to find out!